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Who we are

Progetti Italiani is a service company active in the field of engineering disciplines, architecture and design. The company became operational in 2009 with headquarters in Ardore Marina (RC) - Italy. Thanks to the relentless progress of IT technologies and the advent of globalization, Progetti Italiani is able to operate in markets which are very far from home.

Carriers of ideas

Progress, or the evolution of the living conditions of humanity. We believe that progress is not only the story of how necessity and invention have been intertwined since the beginning of humanity. Progress is also the story of all women and all men who worked chasing the pleasure of discovery and struggled for the affirmation of what is true. We believe that people who discovered the wheel is not an engineer, who has observed and reproduced the fire was not a physicist, who made the first graffiti was not an artist. They simply were creative. People can illuminate a portion of the future. Carriers of ideas and then to progress. This is the ideal that we intend to pursue, because we are a group of people who like to look differently to that which exists, and imagine what does not exist. All the rest is mathematics.

The Method

The idea is the essential starting point to obtain an innovative result. But the very idea does not ensure the desired standard of efficiency and quality.

"Method" is what allows the transition from idea to form.

1. Creation and conception

2. Creation of the Working Group

3.Development using CAD and FEM

4.Prototype development

5. Production engineering

6. Product launch


Progetti Italiani is not just design. With its large fleet of machines, the offer of Progetti Italiani cover all the needs of professionals and companies.


what i do

Our offer is aimed at freelance and companies. We are able to provide the following services.



Safety in the Workplace

Certifications for Construction


Print and photocopying


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AddressC/da Pantano, 21, 89037 Ardore Marina, Reggio Calabria, Italia

Telephone+(39) 0964-628230

Office hoursMonday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 01:00 PM